Sabtu, 28 Februari 2015

English Friday: #8 Miss Confused but I'm Okay

When I knew about this theme, I was confuse because manything happened at 2005. actually nothing special but it's hard time to prepare my pass of Senior High School and find a suitable faculty of university.

Dear Zaqia, 

You're pure girl who try to find your own way, you feel disoriented to determine what will be the next future. teacher, entrepreneur, doctor, or scientist it's very make you dizzy which you will choose.
Finally, you choose fisheries even only one years and than you keep place on solid footing at education faculty, so you feel okey as teacher.

Really you can't speak in front of class because clumsy but you always try to kill your weakness by  any methode, such as: active at organization, social activity, become a leader, or just speak in front of mirror and exercise your face when speech. Now you feel better than 10 years ago ^_^ although you must try and try every day.

Dear Zaqia, 

Thanks to be God, 10 years ago your body so slim hahay, but not beauty so I'm not confidence....even if nothing love come to your life huaa.. you focus at study and organization so you don't need other and you happy :-D.

Dear Zaqia,

Suppose 10 years ago you knew about write and blog, maybe now many articel and book will create, maybe you will be a good writer. why previously you don't potential? actually many thing you can do for the best future,,,but regret always come late yeah..

Now you, after long time become a mature women with one cute daughter and handsome husband, of course perfect happines ^_^

Congratulation....for you

2 komentar:

Anonim mengatakan...

Thank you Mbak Zaqia for participating. Sometimes we never expected how we will become and felt unconfident about so many things. And if only we knew about blogs earlier.. that is the very same thinking going on my mind. :D
Thank you for joining Mbak Zaqia :)

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Hai...thanks you for your coming...yeah if we have same thinking and maybe someone felt that too.

your welcome ^_^