Jumat, 13 Maret 2015

English Friday #10: All about Tofu and Potato , Yummy ^_^

Weekly Challenge of EF #10 is What my favorite Indonesian food? hmm... Actually too much I like and most of them from various the size of  the Province cause have special taste. paramount importance there is tofu and potato, cause I really love it.

If I go to restaurant or food stall, I always check list what a food which contains tofu or meat and boiled potatoes, certaily my choise..ahay ^_^.

Especially, as personal who like all about Asia (Haliyu Wave). Kimchi Soup with tofu and vegetables become my favorite food which often cooked. although from international cuisine but  principal substantce from Indonesia.

Its easy to make this food. first step, we can prepare instant kimchi or hommade , potatoes, tofu, shitake mushroom, nori,  bombay onion, leaf onion, and carrot. second, cut into small pieces all of matter, input in the pan which contain boil water suitable thickness of matter. add salt and sugar just enough. and than feel the taste, hmmm Amazing, Oishiikatta, Mashita..Delicious hihi..Lets try it :-)
Kimchi Soup with Tofu and Vegetables
Except for soup, tofu can be process manything food, such as: fried tofu, egg tofu, boil tofu, tofu satay, contain tofu, tofuball, omlette, steam tofu, etc. Potatoes its same procces with tofu yeah guys. I really like it and love too much hmm... 

Okey this is my story about Indonesian food, I hope the reader like it..see at the next challenge yeah ^_^

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Rahmi Aziza mengatakan...

Hmm delicious, sluurp

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

thank mak...yummy :-D

HM Zwan mengatakan...

heummm yummi....like so delicious^^

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

thanks sist....^_^

R_Ming24 mengatakan...

Is it spicy Mba?


Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

or course hot spicy....you can add some of chili or chili powder

do you like spicy food?