Jumat, 20 Maret 2015

English Friday: #11 Outfit of The Day, I'm Miss Simple

Hmm Weekly Challenge for English Friday is OOTD (Outfit of The Day).  I'm miss simple, Why miss not mrs whereas I'm a Housewife hihi...

Yeah, I'm not confident about my body now after pregnancy. previous until now I never thinking about fashion espesially brand, if comfortable on my body I think its okey. but since active as a teacher, I become miss matching espesially about colour and acessories wow, you don't ask how many I Have hand watch, head cover, or brooch.

Matching with Grey Colour
I take this picture four years ago in Sengkaling-Malang, I wearing grey long shirt which BodyTalk-Brand, black legging but I'm forget about branded, brown open toe slipper and stocking, jacket, grey hand watch. I like this shirt because durable, pass and on my body look slimmy haha, feel cold and warm on any season.

Matching Orange
Lightly colour I like, except Bodytalk-Brand I agree with Nevada-Brand because many kind of fashion, motif, and colour, The orange style shirt completely with waistcoat substance cold shirt so feeling comfortable ^_^

Matching with Batik
The last brand which suitable  is Batik-Blarak. you can choose couple batik or single, good design, any colour, and comfortable. I using the clothes to show playing guitar at discord celebrate on my school activity.

There is about my outfit of the day, How about you friend? ^_^

5 komentar:

Beby Rischka mengatakan...

Batik Blarak? Aku belom punya kayaknya.. :D

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

yuk diborong...dakuw belinya di Pasbes malang hihi..adem kainnya mbk

HM Zwan mengatakan...

aku baru denger batik blarak mbak^^

NiaNastiti mengatakan...

Wah hebat bisa main gitar Mba *gagal fokus* hihi, nice OOTD anyway :D

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

mbk HM Zwan ada mbak n aq nemuny d pas bes malang...lupa itu batik asli mana...hehe

mbk NiaNastiti salam kenal ya....hehe iya tpi dlu itu mbk skrng lupa...main gitarny cz ganti gendong anak hihi