Minggu, 29 Maret 2015

English Friday: #12 Bus and Motorcycle are Good Choise

By Bus Okey
Sorry late post :-(...cause I have accident, its about my grandmather was pass away so I must go Java Island and I didn't bring my laptop.

Okey, English Friday for this week is about Your Means of Transport

Well,  I will tell you about kinds of transport which usually I used. since Senior High School motorcycle very comfortable and peaceful when  go to anywhere, really.
But, after I have tragedy who snatches purses/jewelry four years ago, I got trauma if using motorcycle although sometime unchanged this transport.

2013. I was move to Papua Island and I flied, thats so scared for me cause this is my first time. and than rode with hylux car with dangerous square pass mountain side about nine hour, last road we must go by boat as long as six hour.

2014, I came back to Java Island cause my pregnancy. transportation in Papua very difficult and we can go anywhere by plane or boat, and we choose go by Labobar Ship. 

Overall, from  many kinds means of transportation. I used bus and motorcycle, why? in the bus I can sleept or rest at the time, and enjoy the landscape. by motorcycle, I can arrive on time even less stuck road, stop anywhere for the rest.

Okey, How about you friend ??? 

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