Sabtu, 04 April 2015

EF #13: Seasonal Sport

Hmmm...time was running, yeah. today is friday again and time for English Friday with theme Which Sport Do You Choose?

Honesty, I dislike sport anything but I like to watch some competition, I do know what a reason maybe cause no habitual since  I was child and tired. But I'm not hate sport too, I just rare to dio it.

When Thomas and Uber Cup season, I'm playing badminton, if world cup season I'm playing football, if "fighting season", I 'm playing defence art, etc suitable with trend. Tired and sick cause I do without warming up.

And Now, I aware that sport most important to save my healty cause everyday my age increase and have weakly cell component, right? so, simple sport which I can do and without pay some money, friendly with nature, relax, and happy are jogging and walking.

Two of that kind sport activity are usually we can do anytime, anywhere. especially I have daughter 10 month who very active so for me its season sport to follow anytime and anywhere she is gone crawl hahay...but that is good choise better than just stay or silent will be dangerous for our body.

This is my choise about favorite sport, what about your sport activity ya guys? you can commen on my blog, right ^_^ 

4 komentar:

NiaNastiti mengatakan...

I think while a woman having a baby, they don't need exercise as much as another people because they have to move fast and often following their baby :D

Rahmi Aziza mengatakan...

Aku juga paling suka jalan, paling gampang soale yaa hehee

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

mak NianAstiti: thats right bingits...gnyos forever with my daughter hehe

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Mak Rahmi....sing pnting gratis ala mak irits hihi peace