Kamis, 16 April 2015

English Friday #14: I Miss Usagi and Friend

First time, I'm so sorry for late post cause my "MODEM" was lost hiks...hiks. but I try to write about this challenge. the theme is about Favorite Cartoon Caracter.

I like cartoon caracter Usagi at Sailormoon Anime and I hope this movie will be present again especially after watch korean movie "Miracle in cell7" which tell about fight and sacrifice of father for his daughter who popular idol Sailormoon, funny but sad ending T_T.

I know this movie was present when Elementary School and very popular. Every sunday never remainder to watch it until many acessories and doll was sale, but I don't have collection of those hihi. Do You remember about Quote "With Energy of Moon will Punish the Evil"? this is really never forget it with her hand style.

Why I like this caracter? exept funny girl, cute, spoiled, beautiful who identic with women hero caracter, Usagi is a good girl and like to help another people but be a crybaby. She have handsome boyfriend, Mamoru "Taksido Bertopeng" who always give her a rose after fighting so sweet :-D hihi. She have black cat "Luna" which find a Princess serenity, so Usagi is the choise and She must find another princess.

Usagi and Luna
Oh, really I miss Usagi and friend at "Sailormoon" Anime and I hope next time TV channel will be present this movie again for treat popular idol whom miss them.


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