Sabtu, 18 April 2015

English Friday #15: "Childern's Games" The Reason and Solution of Change

For the first, I'm so Sorry last week cann't participation the challenge but I still write it here lets check link.

Okey theme of weekly challenge is about Children Games Now and Then. actually, many kind games usually we do, such as: Hide and seek, playing marbles, string jump, Sonda, ladder snake, gobak sodor, bakel ball, sonda, remi  card, kopral, dakon, etc. there are very fun game and I often to be a winner hihi especially marbles hihi.

All of the games we can call "Traditional Games" which begin forgetten by new generation because globalisasi and instant habit. urgently, many benefit of traditional games, such as: exercise carefulness, habituate social relationship, train all part of body cause the game need to move our body and it's good for growth and healthy like sport, funnies learning so no bored.

I still remember when child, I never stay at home but everyday I played in the garden or field to catch kind of dragonfly, fish, made astray from clay, played traditional games, etc because wide place to do and we have fun.

The game which made me addict are marbles and jump. Yeah, previous I'm tomboy and always playing with any boy hihi but don't worry about skill yeah. why I like? cause both of them made me smile, have enthusiasm, need concentration, strenght, use all part of my body, tired,  train about sportif,  and often be a winner. game which needed teamwork is a good choise too like gobak sodor, cat and mouse, etc.
Lets Jumping
But, what happen new heneration? rarely I found enthusiasm of kids to playing traditional game. most of them moved to game online and gadget. but actually this case can given bad influence for healthy and social relationship. the reason is the opposite benefit of traditional game. I know they perforce cause various effect.

Because the case, Solution is back to Home Education. why? Home is first education for positif conduct, accompany and directing about plus minus of period development. Religi can manage all og problem in the world.

Okey, this is my opinion about games now and than. how about you? lets comment ^_^

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Wida Zee mengatakan...

Itu permainannya semasa aku masih kecil dlu, duh jadi kangen deh sama mainannya xixixi

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Tapi saya waktu g bsa dputar blik y mbk pdhal mainan itu brmnfaat bnget