Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015

EF#17: Teacher and No Other

I'm so sorry last week I absent from EF#16 weekly challenge cause my daughter influenza so need more cared

Now a weekly challenge its about Future Goals Now and Then. When I was child my mind is pure want to be a doctor next time, maybe most of them have same mind with me too.

nothing is wrong cause we are children who still imagine to getting the best goal in the future time. and I was remember my parent sing a song to me when relax time, the tittle is "Kodok Ngorek" 

"Bocah Pinter-Bocah Pinter Besuk Jadi Dokter,
Numpak Opo-Numpak Opo Numpak Helikopter"

That Traditional song can influence me to be a smart girl if you want to be will be come true. Logic, if I clever so easy to have profession I want it even not all right but most of peopple like that.

Why Doctor? cause they help people, treat medical patient with calm, care about healthy, and give comfortable situation behind medical patient who get panic, perfect.

But, after a long time I think that profession is imposible to me cause nothing can direct me about doctor, most of my big family to be a teacher. exept money will be obstacle for me and my big family which we are six brothership.

May be teacher no other choise to be my goal. firstly, I nerveus n dizzy what shoul I do to speak in front of my children but after a long time experience, everything its ganna be alright yeah. and I think teacher is a doctor to give comfortable situation about the children who get knowledge. and Doctor be present because knowledge of teacher right? So, I proud of all teacher in the world to teach all of science.

As mommy, mother is first education to her child. so teacher is principal job and activity to every mother in the world, right?

Finally, now is Anniversary of Teacher Day so Happy to celebrate that day n don't ever tired about your great professionm ^_^.

4 komentar:

R_Ming24 mengatakan...

Happy Hardiknas.
Teacher is a noble person. They gave us so much.

NiaNastiti mengatakan...

Every mother should be a good teacher for her children ya Mba :)

kakaakin mengatakan...

Hiks... I've written nothing for each challenge :(

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

R-Ming Thanks about ur reason..^_^

Sist NiaNastiti: Syiiiip mbak alright..

Kakaakin... fighting ^_^