Senin, 18 Mei 2015

English Friday: #19 My Complete Class

Hello...Late post again because I'm so busy after celebrate the wedding of My Sister Nuro. really, I think  what next post to English Friday Challenge now with theme memorable relationship.

Memory with my parter (husband) of course everything are memorable whenever and wherever :-*, so now I will telling about my complete class that I remember all of them.

Complete Class 2A of SD Muhammadiyah 9 Malang
Actually, I miss them so much and now, they Grade-5. the moment was long time ago. Why I choose that memory? because relationship with them made me colourfull alive in my career and job. they have pure think, sometime made me dizzy but sometime made me so perfect, they smart, often call me "Beautiful Teacher" hihi, their smiling face are cool in my heart.

Manasik Haji Training
 They are second class in my second year that I learn in SD Muhammadiyah 9 Malang, the class very complicated caracter. two of them have special condition and most of them was active caracter. there are challenge for me as a new teacher. 

Outbond Telaga Mas
Me and My partner Miss. Dhika who specialist child consul can pass our good class and their parent satisfied about teaching methode with friendly personal approachment, they have many transform to be a good student than previously.

Now, They grow up fast and have the other story with their new class and teacher. I hope you never forget me and I will never forget You.. I miss U Guys and let's your dream will be come true in te future time. ^_^ :-*

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