Sabtu, 23 Mei 2015

English Friday: #20 Relationship Effect (Two of My Spirit)

As a Human Life and social Human, We always get relationship with the other creature. twine harmony of connection, kind of Human, Plant, and Animal so we must be a good mutual relationship. But, I will explore relationship with my little family ^_^.

The Challenge English Friday of May is telling about relationship. After last week story about memorable relationship, Now We must write effect of relationship. Hmm, many result of this theme, good and bad, spirit and down, smile and tears, etc.

Happines is simple, when Three of Us whole together. because both of you is my aspiration, my smile, my spirit, and my inspiration. You make me like a perfect women in the world, I'm going to be a women most feeling happy ^_^.

But it just two month after I have a daughter, and than my husband back to Papua so we must separated temporary. half of my spirit get lost, but I will survive for the next life with my girl and her father. We always try and pray to Our happines life the next time and We trust that Allah know what I need more than Human.

Me and My Husband now focus about growing up of my first kids, give love and peace although by phone with her father and more with her mother. We always love Her cause have a child is dream of all people get marry and relationship with Her is everything until couldn't spoken anymore. We will try to give you the best life as your parent girl. :-*

This is My reason about relationship effect, maybe differrent with you guys but whatever the effect, relationship is important for Us and couldn't separate of Our life, right?

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