Sabtu, 27 Juni 2015

EF #24: Sweet Black Gelatin and Fried Food

Special Fasting moonth 2015, I stay at Bali but nothing different habit with other territory. in the morning, we eat for start fasting and do activity like usually.

Waiting time is prepare to break fasting in the evening. many kind choise, such as: kolak, Fruit Ice, or water. for weekly challenge to BEC about killer recipe and my family like warm tea, sweet black gelatin, and fried food.

Why? because imitate from our prophet Muhammad usually break fasting with sweet food or drink. warm tea feel free of worry in our throat, but Janggelan Ice delicious too. combining between sweet and crispy-salty so perfect for our family.

black gelatin

teh hangat
Fried Food
Okey I think all of you knew about  recipe because there are so easy to made it, Happy Fasting moonth and Happy break Fasting yeah ^_^

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