Sabtu, 13 Juni 2015

English Friday: #22 Wonderfull of Raja Ampat with You

Hmmm... Sorry last week I can''t contribution to EF#21 cause some reason. Now I will try to tell about Failed The Holiday I wish to do. This challenge very interst, actually many story about failed holiday, but I Choose it.

Last year I come back from West Papua to Java Island cause I have pregnancy. we must go by a long trip cross the sea. for safety, my husband choose ship as transportation although very long time arrived than by plane.

We stay at Sorong City for four days and we spent time to take a walk at "Berlin Wall" and controlled my pregnancy, specially USG (Ultrasonography) after 8 month old. but I 'm little repent to arrive "Raja Ampat" besides close by ship again. By chance there is place to MTQ Competition Province Level, so I want to watch it, but our condition drop and I must total Bed Rest to prepare next trip.
 Raja Ampat island is a natural phenomenon that is captivating with abundant biodiversity. There are 540 species of coral and 1,511 species of fish in Raja Ampat; 75% of all coral species in the world; 10 times the number of coral species found throughout the Caribbean; There are also five species of endangered sea turtles; 57 species of mantis shrimp; 13 species of marine mammals; and 27 species of fish that can only be found in this region.

Raja Ampat's natural conditions are very unique and different because it has endemic soil structure, diversity of marine life, coastal ecology, and culture. The beauty of this perfectly together tradition and wisdom of local residents.

We also can diving to see the remnants of the shipwreck, arriving bird of paradise island with a distinctive red West Papua, enjoying beautiful coral islands (karst) around the island, Fishing, Snorkeling, etc.

So, next time I will go there with my little family to proof a wonderfull of Raja Ampat Island as paradise of sea, okey my husband ^_^. actually cost to go there expensive but I believe another method and many opportunity to bring into reality.
My Little Family

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Febriyan Lukito mengatakan...

Ah. The magnificent Raja Ampat. I wish I can go there also someday.

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

How If Kopdar there next time? hihi...or Family Gathering of BEC brother...

Ridha Harwan mengatakan...

I have a close friend works in Raja Ampat. His photo is soo... wonderfull. Make us jealous about the view of this place.

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Ridha: thanks for your BW....yupz there is wonderfull place right.. :-)