Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

English Friday: #23 Mudik with Baby

Okey actually, this years We can't go to Java Island again cause three month ago I was mudik with my daughter to celebrate NUro's wedding. and agree with husband engangement for this years we will Lebaran at Bali Island, His Premises Village.

Long distance is one of reason why we can't often go home village and we have a daughter one years old. very complicated to prepare all about she need. now she can protest if not comfortable when trip, crying and troublesome in the transportation.

So weekend challenge is about Mudik Preparation and I wall share experience when mudik to Java Island with my husband and my daughter.

Happy Long Trip
First, We must found new information about price and position of ticket, than seat book. we like ahead position cause usually felt confuse. price of ticket usually advance on the gret day of religion so we must order 2 month before we go especially plane ticket. If laese car for trip need lobby and information too.

Second, separated travel bag of child and parent to facilitate during trip. P3K needed to emergency condition especially to safety of my daughter.

Three, wearing warm costum or comfortable costum cause the night wind not good for our healthy especially when cross the sea Bali-Java.

fourth, prepare soft drink and food to accompany our trip and felt enjoyable.

Fifth, pray to fluency our trip till arrive peaceful

Sixth, Bring camera to immortalize moment during enjoyable long trip, hihi but not urgent yeah.

Okey, I think there are urgent thing that must we prepared to long trip (mudik). Happy Lebaran and keep Silaturrahim ^_^

In The Ship

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Hendra Alfarisi mengatakan...

Happy Ied Mubarrok. Nice tips. That would be great to try it.

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Hendra: thans for your BW...Happy Ied Mbaraak too

Febriyan Lukito mengatakan...

Bali for Lebaran? Can I join Mbak? Hehehe.
Hopefully you will have a great Lebaran holiday.

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Febriyan: Yuk Come Here....my family will welcome and I hope so cause better Lebaran is together with family :-D