Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

EF#25: Ifthar Together for Harmony

Half time Ramadhan done, and we must prepare to planing what will to do the best for next time, yeah. Hopefull we can finish the fasting moonth rhis year without obstacle.

Ramadhan is not complete without ifthar together, right? cause, urgent moment if all of us can assemle together spesially with family.

with family
BEC weekly challenge is about the important of Ifthar Together ?  usually ifthar together conducted at Restaurant or food court with friend, family, or the other. but, I think we can do it at school or home too, more practis.

Ifthar at School
Usually someone prepare many kind of food and drink, and than join venture with partner at home, and than teaching religious to waiting ifthar time, simple and economis too, without lose togetherness.

Ifthar at home the best place I think, we can try any food which liked our family, more cheap, look harmony, rilex while watching tv, sharing, or reading a book.

Wherever place to ifthar together, the content are about twine frienship, togetherness, and harmony relationship which most of us always busy in the morning until evening but we can be running to ifthar. ifthar moment just founded in Ramadhan and no the other, so very special time to do the best in religious an social. 
with friend

2 komentar:

Vita mengatakan...

I just realised that I seldom have iftar together in the restaurant/food court.. Because it'll be difficult to do the wudhu and sholat :D (just like bang jampang's post)


Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Vita: agree with you....cucok rempong hehehe..