Rabu, 30 September 2015

EF #28: "Green Rain By Shinee" a song that make me happy, spirit, and tauched

Everyone love song right? usually we listen music at the free time or break from activity althought just a minute. many benefit of listen music, such as: to refresh our brain so that avoid stress, feel sad and angry, give spirit, inspiration, and just entertainment.

Weekly Challenge of BEC today is about a song that .... truelly any song that i like it, so I confused will story about what a song. after open my file, I found this video which inspired for me as a teacher, Green Rain By Shinee.

This song is one soundtrack of Queen' Classroom Korean Vers Movie, beforee that was Japanise Vers. both of them very recomended to watched, because very inspirated espesially for education. this movie tell about a uniq teacher caracter who killer but have secreet about last moment as a good teacher. upset, so she move as a killer teacher with full  cared to her student. 

When watched the movie, I felt so angry, sad, touch, rightfully proud, and give applause about the caracter. everyone have spesial caracter to move better than last time.

Why I like song "Green Rain"? Because this song tell about wonderfull and happines of school and get science, the dance very easy, ear catching, fell cheerful, the siinger is my favorite boyband, tauched, etc. I never bored to repeat watch this video, listening this song, and exprience sense of lyric

Okey, this is story about my song... how about you?

6 komentar:

Kharisma Rosalina mengatakan...

i love all kind of music and song, Indo pop, Kpop or Billboard. as long as the song is easy listening..even if just only Dangdut Koplo. hehe

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

mbk kharisma: agree......I love music too all genre but still confuse what will be write at this challenge so I found it

Vita mengatakan...

Hey that's a nice song.. I used to watch Korean / Japanese dramas but since my son was born I seldom had time to watch every episode any more.. Now I often watch children TV shows, with my son :P

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

vita: same with me....now I seldom to watch that, but I still listening the Asia Hits hihi... enjoy with our children sist :-)

FebriyanLukito.com mengatakan...

I never watch this Korean movie nor the song. Well, actually I rarely listen to a Korean Song.

Zaqia Nur Fajarini mengatakan...

Febriyanlukito: yeah, I really love Asia Hits especialy korean song, but I like other too which make me feeling peace and happy